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Our clients’ reviews

I am satisfied.

I like that the psychologist immediately starts with practical tasks and explains what he wants to achieve.


I am very pleased with the work with the specialist. I liked the individual approach, responsiveness, empathy, results after the session

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I like the fact that I came with an abstract request and did not even give a clearly formulated problem to the person, and Jennifer writes everything down and remembers what I say and tries to find out how to help me.

And I can see that in 2 sessions Jennifer has already found the way we are going to go.
Also, the manner of communication is relaxing, you don't feel uncomfortable while talking.

To summarize, it is very comfortable and you feel that Jennifer has knowledge in her head, and this gives you confidence as a professional.


Kate is a wonderful specialist! We have been working with her for more than two months.

Of course, the first sessions were more like an introduction, where Kate gave me time to tell her about myself, my life and the situation that worries me.

Our sessions help me keep my head organized, and I always look forward to the next meeting!


I really like the platform because everything is convenient, payment is fast, and it's very easy to schedule a session.

I like Jade’s approach to problems and interesting techniques.


I like working with Luke. The first sessions are more about getting to know each other than working on problems.

But even in this mode, he points out some blind spots that I don't see myself, and it's really more noticeable what I can work with.

He gives me an alternative view of a situation, and in general, I am very pleased to work with him.


The specialist is very experienced, a good listener and full of empathy. So I am completely satisfied with the first sessions. I think it will be even better in the future.


After two sessions, I can say that Maria helps me to draw my own conclusions in life situations that bother me and to come to these conclusions on my own. This is important for me.

Also, she is able to track certain theses from my mouth, which I thought were not important, but in fact are very significant and reveal the real attitude.

We will continue to work together.


Deep understanding, warm support. A psychologist who helps you understand yourself. I recommend her!


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